We want to let you know that your participation in the MSM digital project is greatly appreciated. The MIAMI Shoe Museum, in collaboration with Space Art, is thrilled to unveil the launch of its inaugural Non-Fungible Token (NFT), marking a significant milestone for both the museum and the field of footwear history. This groundbreaking NFT, a digital representation of an iconic historical shoe artifact, is geared toward supporting and enhancing footwear education programs for aspiring designers and enthusiasts. 

The NFT is a virtual testament to the museum's unwavering commitment to preserving shoe culture. It is currently being auctioned on spaceart-nft.io, with proceeds directly contributing to educational initiatives within the MIAMI Shoe Museum. The funds generated will play a pivotal role in empowering educational programs, workshops, and initiatives dedicated to fostering creativity, innovation, and education in the captivating realms of art and the history of footwear design. 

As we step into the realm of our pioneering MSM NFT collection, we commemorate the museum's first acquisition in 2008—a distinguished black leather Cammeyer NYC bottom-up man's shoe from the 1920s. Crafted digitally by MSM Founder and Chief Curator Luis Valenzuela, this NFT seamlessly merges digital innovation with timeless fashion. Luis Valenzuela aptly describes it as a historic gem bridging eras at the intersection of heritage and cutting-edge technology. It symbolizes our profound commitment to preserving shoe heritage and catalyzes the nurturing of budding talent through educational programs. Thank you for being a vital part of this transformative journey.

About Space art

A certified virtual showcase created for the Hispanic community and the world, born in March 2021 by a group of entrepreneurs who firmly believed in the new blockchain technology that allows the generation of traction and commercialization of digital works in NFT format through a smart contract.